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New Recording Release

A Recital of Songs by Wolf and Rachmaninoff, with Robert Freeman at the piano. 

Dr. Freeman was the Director of the Eastman School of Music at the time of the recital.  The recital was from the Kilbourn Concert Series and was given in October 1978.


1. Grenzen der enschheit; 2. Cophtisches Lied; 3. Harfenspieler; 4. Der Gartner; 5. Fussreise; 6. Der Genesene an die Hoffnung;

7. Wie viele Zeit verlor ich; 8. Nun lass uns Frieden schliessen; 9. Geselle, woll'n wir uns in Kutten hüllen; 10. Morgenstimmung.


11. Oh stay, my love Op 4, No 1; 12. Morning Op 4, No 2; 13. Oh never sing to me again Op 4 No 4; 14. The Harvest of Sorrow Op 4 No 5; 15. Love's Flame Op 14 No 10; 16. Spring Waters Op 14 No 11; 17. By the Grave Op 21 No 2; 18. How fair this spot Op 21 No 7; 

19. Come let us rest Op 26 No 3; 20. "Christ is risen" Op 26 No 6


- I Suffer Because I Love You So Much - Dargomyzhski

- An Die Musik - Schubert

Net proceeds from the sale of this recording from the Yi-Kwei Sze Official Website will be donated to the Yi-Kwei and Nancy Lee Sze Scholarship Fund at the Eastman School of Music.


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