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"How Can I Not Think of Her", "Volga Boatman"

Pathe Label 35494, 78 rpm, circa 1939

The Standard Hour: San Francisco Opera Orchestra, Gaetano Merola, conductor. Verdi: Don Carlos, Dormiro Sol. Gounod: Faust, Mephistopheles' Seranade. Faust: final trio. Dorothy Kirsten (soprano), Eugene Conley (tenor). NBC Radio Broadcast; October 29, 1950.

The Salvation Army: Army of Stars, Christmas 1951. Faust, Mephistopheles' Seranade.  Salvation Army 78 rpm vinyl, 1951.

Hector Berlioz: Romeo and Juliette, Op 17. Margaret Roggero, mezzo, Leslie Chabay, tenor, Yi-Kwei Sze, bass, Harvard Glee Club - Radcliffe Choral Society, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch, conductor, Boston Symphony Hall, February 1953.  Orig. LP Re-released CD; RCA/BMG 09026-6081-2.

Handel: The Messiah. US Department of State, International Broadcast Division.  Radio Broadcast 1955.

Mozart: The Magic Flute. NBC Symphony Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini, conductor. NBC Television Broadcast, 1955.

Chinese Songs: All the Red River, Separated by the Yangtze River, Song of the Hoe, The Red Bean Love Seed, By the Chia-Ling River, How Can I Not Think of Her, Drinking Song, Song of the Great Wall. Nancy Lee Sze, piano. Concert Hall CHC-48, 1956.

Paul Paray: Mass for the 550th Anniversary of the Death of Joan of Arc; Francis Yeend, soprano, Frances Bible, mezzo, David Lloyd, tenor, Yi-Kwei Sze, bass, Rockham Symphony Choir, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Paul Paray, conductor. October 1956. Original LP. Re-released CD Mercury Living Presence 432719-2​.

Handel: The Messiah. The Mormon Tabernacle, CBS Radio Broadcast, December 20, 1959.

Schumann: Moonlight Night. Mahler: I Had Relinquished the World, Revelge. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, George Tzipine, conductor. Melbourne , Australia. Australian Broadcast Commission, Radio Broadcast May 6, 1960.

Wolf, Brahms, Schumann Lieder: Basel Radio Broadcast, October 4, 1961.

Moussorgsky: Boris Godunov; Monologue, Clock, Death scenes. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Choir, Bernard Haitink, conductor. Amsterdam, December 20, 1964. CD B. Haitink LIVE-The Radio Recordings Amsterdam: Mn Classics; Cultuur en Media Hilversum 97014; ASIN B00000K0P8, release date October 15, 1999.

Moussorgsky: Songs without Sun. Tcherepnin: Chinese Songs:  Songs without Sun: In den vier Wanden, Nicht namst du mich wahr, Zu Ende ging der lange Tag, Umsonst, Elgie, Aufdem Flusse.  Tcherepnin: Chinese Songs; Going Hime to Celebrate the New Year (Yun-Nam), My Darling Hung-Tsai (Sui-Yung), Buffalo Boy (Hopei), Farewell my Love (Hopei), Song of the Hoe, Love Song of the Wagon Driver (Tibetan folk-tune), So Far Away (Ch'ing Hai), West River Moon (poem by Li Po 699-7882 AD), Dance of the little bird of youth (Tibetan folk-dance).  Original IRAMAC LP (6517), 1965.

 ​Winner of the 1966 Grand Gala du Disque and Edison Awards

Brahms, Moussorgsky.  Brahms: 4 Serious Songs; Denn es genet dem Menschen, Ich wandte mich, O Tod wie bitter bist du, Wenn ich mit Menschen-und mit Engelszungen redete.  Moussorgsky: Songs and Dances of Death; Trepak, Wiegenlied, Ständchen, Der Feldherr.  Original IRAMAC  LP (6501), 1965.

Winner of the 1967 Grand Gala du Disque Award

Schumann: Dichterliebe Opus 48.  1. Im wundershonen Monat Mai, 2. Aus meinen Tranen spriessen, 3. Die Rose, die Lilllie, die Taube, die Sonne, 4. Wenn ich in deine Augen seh, 5. Ich will meine Seele tauchen, 6. Im Rhein, im heiligen Strome, 7. Ich gröle nicht, 8. Und wulssten's die Blumen, die kleinen, 9. Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen, 10. Hur' ich das Liedchen klingen, 11. Ein jung liebt ein Mädchen, 12. Am leuchtenden Sommermorgan, 13. Ich hab' im Traum geweinet, 14. Allnächtlich im Träume, 15. Aus alten Marchen winkt es, 16. Die Alten, bösen Lieder.  Original IRAMAC LP (6502), 1965.

Handel, Mozart: Holland NKO D. Zinman (cond), J.V. Weering (Clav), P. Lens (Basso cont). Side 1 Mozart: Mente ti Lascio, Handel: How Willing my Paternal Love. Mozart: per QuestoBello Mano. Handel: Al Senti Stringo e Parte. Side 2 Mozart: Recitative and Aria: Alcandrolo Confesso Non so Dande Viene. Handel: Dalla Guerra Amorosa: Non V'alleti un Ochion Nero Fuggite, Se Fuggite.  Original IRAMAC LP (6529), 1966.

Dvorak: Biblical Songs Op 99. Kohlner Rundfunkorchester, Christoph Dohnanyi, conductor.  Recorded by WDR Koln January 3, 1966 LUNA label.

Beethoven and Rachmaninoff Songs: Pianist unknown, Television broadcast, ORTF, Paris, France, May 1970.

Shostokovich, Moussorgsky.  Shotovovich Symphony #13, Op 113, Moussorgsky: Boris Godunov excerpts. Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Louis Lane, conductor. Cleveland Radio broadcast, April 1971.


Wolf and Rachmaninoff Recital. Robert Freeman, piano. The Kilbourn Concert Series, Eastman School of Music, October 1978.  Net proceeds from the sale of this recording from the Yi-Kwei Sze Official Website will be donated to the Yi-Kwei and Nancy Lee Sze Scholarship Fund at the Eastman School of Music.